West Coast Guide Service

West Coast Guide Service offers high quality guided hunts throughout Northern California. We offer Dry Field Goose Hunts, Flooded Rice Duck/Goose Combo Hunts, Wild Pig Hunts and Turkey Hunts as well.

With many leases and properties throughout the state, this allows us to plan and prepare for your success. We primarily operate in the Balance of State Zone as well as the NE Zone.

While we meticulously plan and prepare for your hunt to provide the best chance possible at harvesting your chosen species – we can’t control the weather or what wild animals will do, we don’t hunt high fence ranches and surely can’t control where migrating Ducks or Geese go. But, if you’ve hunted before – you surely know that already. We work extremely hard, we adjust as needed and we do our best to provide a successful hunt for our clients.

Our goal is to help you succeed, and we’ll do just about anything to make that happen. Whether you’ve hunted your entire life, or you’re just starting out – we welcome hunters of all skill levels and are proud to offer discounts to active military, first responders and Jr. Hunters.

If you’re ready to make some memories, and get on a hunt of a lifetime – give us a call today, spots book up fast!

Ready to Hunt?

We know a lot goes into choosing the right guide & outfitter. Here at West Coast Guide Service, we’re ready to give you the best hunting experience possible. Having leases and properties available throughout the state allows us to plan and prepare for your success. Whether it’s a dry field goose hunt, a flooded rice duck/goose combo, a classic California pig hunt or you’re looking for a giant Tom strutting around in the foothills – we’re ready to give you the hunt of a lifetime.