Frequently Asked Questions

Guided Goose/Duck Hunt FAQ's

  • Valid California Hunting License (Along with – HIP Validation, California Duck Stamp, Federal Duck Stamp)
  • Shotgun
  • Appropriate shells (We recommend 3″-3.5″ BB-2 Shot)
  • Waders (Muck boots acceptable on dry field hunts only)
  • Warm Clothes (Jacket, Beanie/Hat, under-layers)
  • Remaining cost due (Most hunts are paid with 50% deposit, remainder is due at beginning of hunt)
  • Snack and/or beverage for during the hunt (optional)

The location of our guided hunts is determined by pre-hunt scouting. Expect a text message the night before your hunt to detail where your hunt will occur.

We offer two kinds of hunts. 

  1. Traditional Half Day Hunts – If you booked a hunt with us, this is your expected time frame. Hunts will begin before sunrise, and will end around 11am.
  2. 1.5 day hunts (NE zone) – We offer limited 1.5 day hunts in our North Eastern Zone. If you booked a 1.5 day hunt, you can expect 1 full day of hunting and one half day (from sunrise – 11am)

The time the group will meet will be issued in the text from accompanying guide the night before along with location. Please be prompt, yet mindful if you are early.

We take cash, venmo or PayPal

We offer discounted hunts for Jr’s and Military Veterans. Please Call for more info.

All of our guided duck & goose hunts are in a group setting. You can expect between 8-10 total hunters to be in your group. (private groups are accepted, subject to availability)

Hunters should expect to be met at the designated location at the previously submitted time. Hunters will be shuttled to and from the blind in which a short safety discussion will be had.

Once all hunters are versed in safety guidelines, hunters will enter the blind (or field) and get ready to enjoy their hunt. Our expert guides will call, they will announce shot opportunities, and our well-versed gun dogs will retrieve all downed birds. Expect a safe, and fun trip.

While we strive to always put birds on the ground, we do not control the weather or bird activity. We will do everything we can to provide a memorable and successful hunt.

Guided Turkey Hunt FAQ's

  • Valid California Hunting License (Along with: California Upland Validation)
  • Shotgun (Please ensure your firearm has the plug installed to limit shells to 3 total)
  • Appropriate shells (Non-toxic, lead free, turkey shot)
  • Camouflage Clothing
  • Ice Chest (To transport your animal)

Hunting location will be predetermined by our expert guides. We have a number of ranches to hunt based on scouting. Location will be sent to the hunter via text the night before the hunt. (Northern California)

Our Turkey hunt will begin before sunrise and will end at sunset or when a suitable turkey has been taken. Hunts are considered 1 day hunts.

Time to meet and location of your hunt will be texted to you the night before.

We take Cash, Venmo or PayPal

We offer discounted hunts for Jr’s and Military Veterans. Please Call for more info.

Hunters may be paired with another hunter if desired. Normally we operate on a 2-1 client to guide basis at maximum for our turkey hunts.

Hunters should expect to be met at the designated location at the previously submitted time via text from the night before (or earlier). Hunters will be escorted onto the designated ranch, a short safety discussion will be had for all hunters in the party.

Following safety instructions, hunters will be set either in a ground blind, or concealed among trees or adequate cover.

Your guide will determine the best method to harvest a mature bird. Once harvested, the bird will be prepped for transport.


Guided Pig Hunt FAQ's

  • Valid California Hunting License
  • Valid Pig Tag
  • Rifle (Pre-sighted in. We recommend .243 and above)
  • Appropriate Ammo (Non-lead ammunition only)
  • Ice Chest (To transfer game back home)

The location of our hunt depends on scouting reports. We hunt a number of ranches in Northern California and scout the area regularly in order to provide the best opportunity possible. Our guide will contact you in advance via phone call or text with the given location to meet.

The location and time of meeting will be discussed prior to your hunt via phone call and/or text message. 

Our pig hunts are considered full day hunts. The best opportunity to harvest a pig is around dawn and dusk. Hunters should expect to hunt throughout the day until shoot time is over.

Cash, Venmo & PayPal

We offer discounted hunts for Jr’s and Military Veterans. Please Call for more info.

Our guides hunt with a maximum of 2 clients per guide if they are a part of the same party. Otherwise, you can expect to be the only hunter from our outfit using the property.

Hunters should expect to meet at the designated location promptly at the time sent via text earlier in the week. 

Hunters will be escorted or shuttled (depending on the ranch) onto the property and set up in an optimal location to harvest your animal.

Upon harvest, your animal will be field-prepped for transport.

We do our best to provide a successful hunt – but are unable to control the uncontrollable. Such as: weather, animal activity and shooter abilities. 

Ready to Hunt?

We know a lot goes into choosing the right guide & outfitter. Here at West Coast Guide Service, we’re ready to give you the best hunting experience possible. Having leases and properties available throughout the state allows us to plan and prepare for your success. Whether it’s a dry field goose hunt, a flooded rice duck/goose combo, a classic California pig hunt or you’re looking for a giant Tom strutting around in the foothills – we’re ready to give you the hunt of a lifetime.