Guided Turkey Hunts

California Guided Turkey Hunt Details

Our guided turkey hunts are one day hunts (one morning and one evening if necessary) in Northern California at one of our premiere ranches.

Our Turkey Guides will pre-scout the area before your hunt to determine the best spot to have harvest a mature Tom or Hen (Fall). Our guides will usually try to find a roost and the area in which turkey’s fly to in the early mornings. We often have a ground blind to hunt out of, but sometimes sit against an old oak with appropriate camouflage to break up our silhouettes.

We accommodate all skill and fitness levels on our guided turkey hunts, some walking will be required.

If you’re ready to for a guided turkey hunt, we’re ready to put you on the birds!

What to bring on your guided Turkey Hunt?

What is included in my hunt?

What to expect on our turkey hunt?

Hunters will arrive 30-45 minutes before shoot time (30 minutes before sunrise). Our expert Turkey Guide will take you to a pre-scouted area in which we have located mature birds in the area. Hunters will be situated in a ground blind or sitting against a tree located near a roosting location. Depending on the season and patterns of mature Toms and hens, decoys and calling may be used to set up the appropriate shot. 

If a hunt is unsuccessful in the early morning, hunters will have the option to adjust to a spot and stalk method of finding Turkeys. Our Turkey Guides are able to accommodate hunters of all skill levels and fitness levels.

Our goal is always to present the best possible shot opportunity for our clients. Hunters should expect and prepare to be able to accurately shoot between 10 and 60 yards. Please come prepared with the appropriate equipment for this range of shot.

Guided Turkey Hunt Prices and Policies

$700 per hunter for one Turkey in Fall or Spring Seasons

Additional bird may be purchased for a discounted rate if time allows.

Turkey Opportunity Policy- We do our best to provide the best opportunity for our hunters. If a turkey is wounded, we will make every attempt to recover the bird. If the bird is not recovered, and hunters wish to take another shot opportunity, it will be counted as an additional bird.

Wounded Animal Policy- If an animal is wounded and we are unable to recover to recover it, a hunter will have the option to add an additional bird to their hunt. Should the hunter not want to add an additional bird, the wounded animal shall be considered a harvest and the hunt will be over.

Payment Policy- 50% deposit to book your Guided Goose Hunt. The Remaining is due before your hunt begins via – PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, or by mailing a check (before your hunt).

Refund Policy- We do not provide refunds. On the off chance that a hunt is cancelled due to inclement weather (flooding) or other actions that are unsuitable on the day of your hunt, hunters will be provided with a 50% refund or are able to schedule a hunt at a further date.

Ready to Hunt?

We know a lot goes into choosing the right guide & outfitter. Here at West Coast Guide Service, we’re ready to give you the best hunting experience possible. Having leases and properties available throughout the state allows us to plan and prepare for your success. Whether it’s a dry field goose hunt, a flooded rice duck/goose combo, a classic California pig hunt or you’re looking for a giant Tom strutting around in the foothills – we’re ready to give you the hunt of a lifetime.